Razer Blade Stealth

Typically high end PC gaming requires a big rig - big in power and big in size.

PC gaming on laptops has been tried and brands have been successful at making really powerful laptops that can handle the demands of the top PC games.

But portability has suffered, as most of them weigh a lot and are not great to be luggin around for simple mobile computing purposes.

This is where Razer has stepped in by marrying the the two uses by neither selling you a big chunky laptop to burden yourself with nor a big clunky desktop chained to the floor.

The Blade Stealth is an Intel Core i7 powered laptop with a 12.5 inch high resolution touchscreen, all wrapped up in an aluminium chassis. It's very capable as a laptop.

When you want to get down to some serious gaming, all you have to do is connect the laptop via the Thunderbolt 3 port to your desk based Core, which has provides external graphics support and connectivity.

It's an interesting way to provide the options of portability and power.

Check it out at the Razer site.

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